Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nails - Unsilent Death (2010)


"Nails are a 3-piece hardcore band from California formed by Todd Jones, formerly of Carry On, Terror and current member of Internal Affairs and Snake Eyes. They released ‘Obscene Humanity’ in summer 2009 on Six Feet Under Records. They also have a new LP “Unsilent Death” out on Six Feet Under Records. Also, correct tag for them must be “Nails”, not “The Nails”."

Unsilent Death is without a doubt one of my favorite releases of 2010. Like New Lows, they bring a very metallic sounding hardcore to the mix of it all and put a lot of emphasis on being fast and having devastating vocals. The first thing I said to myself when I first listened to Nails was "Wow, these guys are almost an exact replica of Trap Them..." I'm really glad to have discovered this band because this will be my favorite until Darker Handcraft comes out. I've heard from many different people that this is their favorite release of 2010 in the hardcore world. If your a fan of Black Breath, Enabler, Trap Them, and Cursed, you should pick this album up today.

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