Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keen Of The Crow - Hyborea (2007)


"What’s in an omen? Is it a vision of dark deeds soon to become the reckoning of us all? Or is it a calling to take heed, knowing that you have the power to change destiny, for good or for bad intent. In either case, an omen can be of many forms, fashions, or functions. whether you take heed or not?The band KEEN OF THE CROW of Los Angeles California is one such omen, Keen of the Crow meaning “A Call of/to Death”. In many age-old cultures the Raven or Crow is the symbol of misfortune, knowingly death is soon to follow? A name such as this should not be taken lightly; to be so careless may indeed spell your own undoing, would it not?Like in Alchemy, each element alone is mundane at best. But when each element is combined? Let’s just say that Alchemy is a condemned science for a very good reason! MORGION rhythm alumni Rhett Davis and Justin Christian, along with guitarist(s) Seth Arthur and NEPENTHEAN mastermind Ron Slater, and lastly vocalist Dan Ochoa form one such Alchemy. The Aural Alchemy of KEEN OF THE CROW.To explain this kind of Alchemy is the Bain of any true composer. There is no simple truth or rhyme most notably played. KEEN OF THE CROW is the composite of many great works, the very clay of extremity and dynamic melody. To infuse the light and the dark, the lawlessness of true underground metal (Doom, Death, and Black) and the progressive inclinations of symphonic harmony. An Ode to such acts as NEUROSIS, CELTIC FROST, CANDLEMASS, ANATHEMA, PRIMORDIAL, and MORGION.There are 2 environments that build the character of any band and/or musician, the first being the studio or recorded environ. When entering Love Juice Labs in the Winter Solstice of 2005’ they forged the 3-song opus appropriately titled “PREMONITION”. Upon hearing this, GRAU RECORDS quickly penned a 4-album contract with a plan to unleash “PREMONITION” as their Grau Records debut. With the anticipated full-length “HYBOREA” soon to follow, a conceptual album dedicated to the Robert E. Howard persona “Conan of Cimmeria”. This conceptual piece themed musically, visually, and literally by both novel and the major motion picture “Conan the Barbarian”. To be considered a very momentous undertaking for any debut record is indeed noteworthy.The second being the stage or live environ, they wasted no time planning 2 tours upon both US Coasts (6 months apart no less!) Quite a prestigious beginning to boast over 16 shows across the continental United States with only a demo under their wing! Over the course of one year KEEN OF THE CROW played with such acts as GREY, ALDEBARAN, MOONSPELL, WORMWOOD, LUDICRA, INTRONAUT, EXHAUSTED PRAYER, GRAVES AT SEA, E.T.T.S., KATATONIA, SELF INFLICTED, RIGOR MORTIS, ROANOKE, RAPID FIRE, DAYLIGHT DIES, NOCTUARY, LOSS, SHROUD OF BEREAVEMENT, SOUL PREACHER, GODLESS RISING, SASQUATCH, OTESANEK, SUMMON, AVENGER OF BLOOD, SEASON OF MOURNING, ASUNDER, SLOUGH FEG, and YAKUZA are just some of the highlights.In December of 2006’ the “PREMONITION” EP shall see its release in a newly packaged form completely re-mastered by Grau Records. While the Spring of 2007’ will welcome the release of KEEN OF THE CROW’S debut Full-length LP “HYBOREA”. Kris Verwimp, renowned fantasy/conceptual artist shall render the visuals for “HYBOREA.Being of both warning and trepidation, KEEN OF THE CROW is an omen to indeed take heed. So do not be mistaken, for only the foolish know not what they covet."

Ah blah blah blah stupid babble and shit about their background written like a story. NOW, ONTO THE BAND! Keen Of The Crow are one impressive death metal band hailing from LA. KOTC are a bit different from most death metal bands. They combine a lot of atmospheric and melodic instrumentation into their music that is almost doom metalish at times. The guitar work is something you seriously shouldn't be joking about! Not as comparable as to say, Coffins, but more along the lines of Dissection. Lots and lots of melodies and clear vocals transitioning into growled vocals. Overall, wonderful album and a switch up wrong the regular BLASTBEATBLASTBEAT shit. Check it.

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