Monday, February 21, 2011

Destroy Nate Allen - Don't Let This Smile Fool You (2011)


"Destroy Nate Allen is an interactive, sing-a-long, folk punk duo from Portland, Oregon. DNA entices listeners into boundary stretching sing-a-longs and free wheeling good times with their honest and sentimental “kid songs for adults” and high spirited and out of control punk rock anthems. In the last three years, Destroy Nate Allen has performed their acoustic, folk punk magic (or madness) nearly 500 times across the US, in backyards, basements, and barrooms: playing to anyone who will listen as they attempt to sing every song like it’s their last."

I was chatting with my buddy Tyler on and I have recently been recommending him crust after crust band and he felt ever so gracious and felt a need to reward me with something so he suggested I check out Destroy Nate Allen. I've heard the name numerous times but for some reason I thought it was like a pop punk but boy was I mistaken. Nate Allen (I'm assuming the lead frontman's name is) is quite the character. His voice almost reminds me Chris Johnston but has a softer voice like Spoonboy. Unlike most folk punk, Nate's is very chill and laid back. He doesn't swear, he doesn't do drugs, and he makes his music kid friendly and easy to sing a lot. Nate incorporates a lot of comedy into his music, almost as if it's a skit. I can only imagine what he's like in real life. One of those people that you read in a book or something. A real character to say the least. Folk punk has never been more fun until now!


  1. Thank you very much! I really enjoyed this review!

    Nate Allen

    If anyone wants to check us out our discography is up for free download @! We'll be on tour this summer.

  2. Hey Nate!

    Glad to see you read my review. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work that you put into your music. It's very inspirational to hear your kind words transformed into melodies in a world overrun by ruthlessness and greed. I can't wait to hear more from ya!

    You guys heard the man, go to and download the discography for free today!


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