Tuesday, February 8, 2011

@patia No - El Ruido De Antes Los Opresores De Siempre (2001)

From last.fm:

"@patia-No is a Venezuelan anarco-punk group that comes from early 94, when a magazine with the same name is printed. the idea was to try to put a some conscience on the people about social problems and come with ideas to from a more equal and just society, all parting from anarchy philosophy.Together with the magazine, there was the idea of creating a group to keep working on the zine and promoting its ideals, always consisting of about 3 or 4 members. The magazine didn’t get munch attention, so they changed direction and decided to form a band to keep the ideals alive and “preach” them to the society in a more direct way."

Another great anarcho-punk crust band from South America! This band reminds me of a Spanish A//Political with a sort of Migra Violenta feel. If you like either bands or just fast paced anarcho-punk bands with a hardcore punk sound to them be sure to get check this album out. Tons and tons of material are out there for this band might I add.

This track isn't on this album but it's a cover of A//Political's Obscene Gestures and it gives you a feel of how they sound so enjoy!

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