Friday, February 25, 2011

Mediocracy - Human Progress - Endless Regress (2010)


"Crust/sludge/hardcore band from Bucharest,Romania.“Mediocracy is a situation in the society in which mediocre people prevail. The society is subordinated to a quasi-egalitarian ideology in which words and ideas are redefined to be convenient for the average people. Other symptoms include dumbing, jargonism, infantilisation, vacuity, phoney democratisation and authoritarianism.” Sounds familiar?we thought so too… This is what we thought reflected our view of this society and system we live in.We are opposed to fascism,state control,religion,hate,war,authoritarianism and the constant dumbing of people in this society wich embraces these things.We consider this band to be a breath of fresh air and also our voice crying out so that it will be heard!We’re taking influences from a wide range of crust/hardcore/punk/metal bands and this is what we came up with! This is Mediocracy!see you soon!” the first Mediocracy album here:"

It's not everyday you get to listen to a kick ass crust band from Romania! Human Progress - Endless Regress is Mediocracy's first album release and it's suprisingly really fucking good. The album title pretty much gives away the content of their music. It deals with such things as fascism, death, change in the world, and other leftist views. If you're going to take a neocrust band seriously these would be the guys. Their wonderful blend of emotional as fuck lyrics, screamed/yelled vocals, and raw power of sludge riffs will have you salivating. Definitely looking forward to more releases from Mediocracy in the future!

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