Friday, February 18, 2011

Redscare - Demo (late 90's?)


"There’s not really much to tell about the Redscare years. It was around ‘96 to ‘99 off and on. We were just four friends who practiced in a bedroom with Star Wars wallpaper and huge amps. We were Gilman faves for a while and played a handful of other East Bay dumps. We had no ambition. We never sold merch. It was actually a fun side project for Greg and I as we were in other active bands at the time, me in Both Hands Broken and Greg in Uranium 9 Volt. Elizabeth (guitar/vocals) and Greg (guitar/vocals) are siblings and Cary (drums) is her close friend. I think they were both 16 at the time.We were all vegan and shared an affinity for particularly evil music like Neurosis, At The Gates, Initial State. I was the only one in the band who wasn’t straight edge, although no one ever claimed it or anything.Because of our sound, we always got booked with crust-punk bands. We always thought it was funny, in would come these relatively clean cut kids with our huge amps and just blow the place out. Greg and Elizabeth played a few shows with Marshall full-stacks and I had 2 Ampeg SVT’s with 2 8X10 cabs.Sometimes at practice, one of us would play and the rest of us would run down the street and see how far away you could hear it. Haha. Right after cooking up 15 bean soup and falafel. Oh to be young again.We recorded some songs over the years. Only one was ever released on a split 7” called Artificial Something. The last songs we recorded are up on our myspace page. It’s"

A friend awhile back wanted me to help him look for a few releases by a band called "The Red Scare" and I couldn't find shit but this is one thing I DID find! It was one of those impulse downloads you know? They sort of looked crusty and I saw the word "hardcore" and noticed the female vocalist so I was like fuck it and downloaded it. It was sitting around for about two months until today, and I'm kind of annoyed that I put it off for this long because it's really good. It was a challenge digging around for some info about this band seeing as how they were only active from '96-'99 but I was lucky enough to find a description and everything. Redscare have a tough as nails sound to them and are easily related to such bands as Neurosis (their hardcore stuff), Antischism, Harum Scarum, Gather (without the metalcore influence) and Initial State. They may not play that crust style but they sure as hell have a vibe that sounds crust. I guess the only thing that separates them from playing traditional crust music is the fact that a majority of them are straight edge. Who knows? In either case, Redscare are definitely a rarity so be sure to check them out.

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