Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cemento - Vite (2011)

Cemento are an Italian screamo/post-hardcore band. They contacted me via email I was just like "OH GREAT, HERE WE FUCKING GO. ANOTHER POST-HARDCORE BAND TO SHIT UP THE PLACE" but man was I mistakened! It's already bad enough you have these shitty wannabe post-HC bands like Alexisonfire and Enter Shikari sucking it up for the rest of us but Cemento are TRUE. If you're not a big fan of mathy riffs don't worry! Cemento have a really nice combination of throwing laying them down nice and smoothly with screamoed and almost grindcoreish vocals to go with them. Hell, they even throw in a few really fucking slow breakdowns that sound kick ass. I recommend this album to veterans of post-hardcore looking for some slightly different and those wanting to get into it. OH AND I SWEAR ON THE TRACK "VIOLENT WALL - YOU" THEY DO THROW IN A RIFF TO THE SIMPSON'S THEME SONG. KICK ASS!

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