Saturday, February 12, 2011

Johann Wolfgang Pozoj - Birth Of Pozoj (2006)


"Johann Wolfgang Pozoj is an avant-garde black metal band from Croatia that came to existence in 2004 by merging of two “brother” bands - Intoxicate and Grob (Grave). The band’s name is derived from (pre) Indo-European myth about a dragon (Pozoj) and its later mythological and lingual derivations.The first part of their opus is a Trilogy based on myth and the philosophical triad of thesis, antithesis and synthesis where those three phases represent the spirit becoming real through art.The first album in the Trilogy – Birth of Pozoj represents the Trilogy’s symbolic phase where the idea hasn’t yet found its complete form, and the birth of the dragon (Pozoj) as a symbolic beginning of time flow. The album was released in 2006 via Progressive Attack Records.Soon after, the band went through line-up changes and in 2007 Ivan Borcic joined the band as the new vocal and lyricist replacing Darko Simunovic, while Slaven Milic joined as the new bass player, replacing Domagoj Soic. Together with the three remaining founding members – Filip Fabek and Marko Balaban on guitars and Luka Kovac on drums, in 2009 the quintet began recording the second part of their Trilogy named Escape of Pozoj. Following the Trilogy’s philosophy, the album represents the peak of fertility and growth, maturity and completely becoming real where the idea is fulfilling its purpose and Pozoj is leaving its mother nature."

I have to start out by saying Johann Wolfgang Pozoj are by far one of the most underrated bands and should definitely be one of those forefront bands in the black metal scene. Sure, they may not be new or anything but they combine a fuck ton of elements into their music from ambient to doom metal to crust in a very innovative way and they do it unorthodoxly way too. This album gives you a real sense of feel as to how black metal has evolved over the years and what kind of wonderful compositions can take place when introduced to the right kind of people. It starts out with a 33 minute track that builds up to a very emotional and riveting climax that will drop your jaw. The doom-esque riffs will have you hooked and hypnotized and in tune with your inner black metal. When people think of black metal they think of dark, despair, isolated, and alone and this EXACTLY what Birth of Pozoj captures.  Overall, a great fucking album perfect for anyone who listens to black metal. There is no reason not to have it. Seeing as how this album is part of a trilogy I will be releasing their second album too.


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