Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kriegshög - Self Titled (2010)


"Fast and noisy hardcore punk from Tokyo.Discography:5 song demo (2007)cassette with Iconoclast and The Sexual covers (2007 ? )Hardcore hell 7” (Hardcore survives records,2008)split 7” with Dog soldier (HG fact records,2008)Hardcore hell 7” (Heartfirst records,reissue,2008)split 7” with Deathtribe (In crust we thrash, 2008)Self-titled 12” (Black Seeds records,2010)"

Japan has ALWAYS indulged in the crust and d-beat scene. Their style of punk is generally noisy, very fast, and aggressive as fuck. Kriegshog are no exception to this. Their self titled release presents 30 tracks of skull-crushing, fast as fuck raw hardcore with a bit of a crusty d-beat tone to it in vein of bands like GISM, The Comes, Death Side, and D-Clone. Noisy and raw, it just pummels your ears with relentless aggression and will have you thrashing around. When I think of the word "crasher" THESE are the guys I would most notably associate it with. Pick this album up, turn the volume to full blast, and blow your fucking brains out. AGGRESSION, AGGRESSION, AGGRESSION. FUCK YEAH!

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