Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bible Belt Byproduct - Self Titled (1998)


"Death dooml/sludge band from Atlanta, GA."

I was introduced to these guys through a buddy of mine via the internet who told me that he saw this band open for Nile and Morbid Angel back in '98. This was the only thing I could find from them because they're obscure as fuck and he ripped it from a cassette himself. Bible Belt Byproduct have an unforgettable combination of death metal, doom, and sludge which make for an overpowering feel. The lyrics are rather clean despite it being a cassette upload and having both death and sludge influences (which consists of really heavily growled vocals). This album reminds me a mix of Clutch and Morbid Angel with some very underlining early Black Sabbath. Overall, the album is outstanding and definitely a hidden gem so be sure to grab it while you can!


  1. Not a problem! Pretty obscure stuff so be sure to spread it around and get more listeners. :3


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