Monday, February 21, 2011

Naysayer - No Remorse (2009)


"Naysayer is a Hardcore band from Richmond, VA, USA.Playing music along the lines of Madball, and other notable NYHC alumni.They have yet to be fully discovered, yet still putting VAHC back on the map."

When I think of hardcore I think of one band; Naysayer. They have that real fucking raw aggression to them with very thrashy riffs in vein of bands like Terror, Sick Of It All, playing alongside newer acts such as Bad Seed, Bracewar, and Cruel Hand. Straight up loud and fucking pissed is the best way to describe Naysayer. What I love most about this band is that the lyrics fucking speak to me and make me feel as if I can do anything I fucking want to. The raw aggression will have you clenching your teeth and your fists balled up ready to take on the fucking world.

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