Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sorrows - Lethe (2011)

I had a hard time finding accurate information on Sorrows because there were about 54646546 other different bands with the same name so I can't provide a link. Sorry. :/ All I really know is that Sorrows is a one-man black metal project (BURZUM'S SECOND COMING) started up sometime around last year and released his EP back on January 31st. I have been listening to this EP none stop since I was sent it. There is a lot of focus on synthesizers and bells which provide an atmospheric feel that is very welcoming at times but still manages to captivate that dark sound. Like Burzum's stuff (this guy is starting to sound more and more like Burzum haha), it could also be specified as "dark ambient" seeing as how it sets a very minimalistic mood with an ominous and mysterious feel. Overall, the production is a bit shabby (what do you expect?) but the effort put into the actual music is great and isn't raping your ears with blast beats and shrieking like most black metal bands. If you want to purchase any of his material be sure to check out this website and follow his blog for future updates and releases.

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