Friday, February 11, 2011

Mind Pollution - Spalone Dusze (2006)


"Female-fronted crust band from Poland. They have released a demo (2004) and a full length entitled “Spalone Dusze” (2005)."

OKAY GUYS I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING! You know how like I really fucking love crust right? And you know how I really fucking love sludge right? You also know that I love bands from Poland?! NOT TO MENTION I REALLY LIKE FEMALE VOCALS!! I'm really really really really excited to present you guys with Mind Pollution, combining some of FAVORITE aspects of music all in one and they do HELL of a job at it too. Throwing in sludge as fuck riffs, melodic undertones, chellos everywhere, and growled as fuck female vocals you know this is what's up. THEY'RE LIKE FUCKING OROKU WITH A FEMALE VOCALIST HOW COOL IS THAT? Shit man. Just walls and walls of pure darkened sound. IT doesn't get much better than this. If Mind Pollution doesn't have a new release this year or if I find out they've split up I'm going to be super pissed. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PICK THIS ALBUM UP! IF NOT, YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD TO ME. Seriously though, pick this shit up.

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  1. woooow great album,very dark and powerfull.
    one of the greatest blogs also. keep up xD


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