Sunday, February 20, 2011

Surroundings - Self Titled (2010)


"Baltimore’s Surroundings offers their most crushing material to date with their debut self-titled full length. After a split 10” with New Jersey’s Pellinore and numerous full U.S. tours, Surroundings has quickly made a name for themselves as a pummeling force in the punk, hardcore and metal communities. Surroundings offers 11 drug-induced tracks on this 12” piece of wax, which includes furious speed not unlike Terrorizer and Bastard, to crushing drone much like Neurosis or His Hero is Gone."

One of last years most promising releases, Surroundings never ceases to amaze me. Surroundings sounds like a mix between Mammoth Grinder, New Lows, and His Hero Is Gone. Truly gritty, sludgy, and heavy hardcore at it's finest with a very dampened down-tempo to their music. With distortion going off everywhere with fast-paced beats, what's there not to love about this band?!? I would have to put this album up there along with Nail's "Unsilent Death." Yes, it's THAT fucking good.

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