Thursday, February 17, 2011

Peace Burial At Sea - This Is Such A Quiet Town (2002)


"Originating in rural Northumberland before migrating to Newcastle, PBaS used small town experiences to create their dynamic post-rock tinged first album This is Such a Quiet Town, released on Mekong Delta records and then later through Captains of Industry. Critically acclaimed (Kerrang! gave it ‘KKKK’), it gained airplay on Radio 1 with John Peel, Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq, has featured on the latest Suicide Girls DVD, and has led to several UK tours alongside Hell is for Heroes, Rotherham’s thisGIRL and the phenomenal 65daysofstatic.Since then, PBaS have buried themselves in the studio working closely with their producers, electro song-smiths Trafik to create the sharply produced, grimly spooked up, snarling, schizophrenic record Peace Burial at Sea. At times it meanders slowly, creating melancholic soundscapes of abandoned cities and the smoking wreckage of war before exploding with vitriol, spitting fury through the speakers. There is a strong flavour of the horror movie here, Carpenter-esque synth lines echo throughout the album whilst one of the stand-out tracks, single B-Movie Karma is ignited by its theramin drenched intro."

I had a really rough time determining what labels to throw along with Peace Burial At Sea and I'm still not comfortable with it but whatever. Despite how lame their name sounds, Peace Burial At Sea are a post-rock influenced hardcore band with some shoegaze, screamo, and prog rock undertones. There are some also ambient electronic sounds flying around that makes their music very relaxed for the most part. This is one of those bands that are literally "experimental" in a sense of guys just fucking around with guitars and sounds and wanted to produce something new and different and they achieved that very well. Unfortunately, this is the only album of theirs I can get my hands on. They do have a self-titled release from 2006 but I can't find it anywhere. They also have a new band called Ghosts Of Old Berlin and you can get their latest material here. If anyone has their self-titled album let me know!

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