Friday, February 25, 2011

Dead To A Dying World - Self Titled (2011)


"Dead To A Dying World is band from Dallas, Texas with 7 members, they add cello, upright bass to this epic tunes…songs that have the epicness of blackened crust such as bands like Blacken The Skies, Garmonbozia or Oroku, but at the same time they incorporate slowly and dark melodies who sound more like post-metal, plus some black metal here and there with female vocals."

I've been keeping tabs on Dead To A Dying World now waiting for a release and today was the day I found that release. What sparked my interest was the tags associated with because it said they were a blackened crust band but I wasn't expecting this. There are a lot of neocrust tendencies that fall into place such as chellos, violins, and double bass that adds for a real melodic feel that is almost raw and dark at times. The blast beats and down-tuned guitars will give you that samey feel as if it's black metal.  I wouldn't say their tracks are climatic as they are just long and drawn out (which isn't a bad thing at all). On their third track, We Enter The Circle At Night... And Are Consumed By Fire, female vocals are present which provide for a power packed punch. I highly recommend this to fans of Celeste, Oroku, Fall Of Efrafa and Downfall Of Gaia. I promise it will not disappoint!

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