Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cause For Effect - Album (2002)


"Fusion Grindcore bass|drums duo from Finland. Unique in the fact that they have no guitar player. Formed in 1992 but has been duo since 1999. Some releases and four european tours." 

Yet again I present you with another random as fuck grindcore project started by a bunch of crazy Scandinavians. The only thing comparable to Cause For Effect would be Le Scrawl because they both incorporate a lot of jazzy basslines in their style along with growled lyrics and blast beats. The most interesting thing about Cause For Effect is that they don't have a guitarist at all! So this lack of a third person makes for quite the listening experience. Some may find it has a very same-feeling to it (so I was told) while others (such as myself) really enjoy the lack of in their music. I have also come to the realization that Cause For Effect aren't as gimmicky as Le Scrawl either. Just an overall jazzy but hard album with many array of different sounds despite only having two instruments to work with.

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