Friday, December 31, 2010

Etacarinae - In These Dark Times (2008)


"Etacarinae are a dark, melodic crust band from Spain and Portugal. In 2002, they released their self-titled EP on Humildady Honestidad Records. Their newest album In These Dark Times was released in 2008 through Black Seeds Records."

Melodies, melodies everywhere. Etacarinae released a self-titled that was rather very short and mediocre but their follow up album, In The Dark Times is jamming. It almost has a thrashy vibe to it but defiantly still incorporates a lot of neocrust. If you're a fan of bands like Blunt and Cwill this would be a perfect match.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Wild - Set Ourselves Free (2010)


"The Wild is a 4 (sometimes 5) piece folk-rock band currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Wild also help run WonderRoot, a nonprofit community center in Atlanta that provides a low-cost/free recording studio, darkroom, computer lab, library, conference room for the local kids as well as an all-ages show space for tons of bands passing through."

Harmonica, banjos, and good ol' traditional punk rock but in the style of acoustic! Ah yeah, that is the sound of The Wild. Georgian natives cranking out some warm, fun melodies that make you get lost in the sound. I'm not a big fan of Nana Grizol but these guys have a very esque sound to them but are just very more folkish whereas NG are more indie pop with twee influences. This album is a great for any folk punk collection. Pick it up today!

Night Gaunts - Full Body Tourettes [Part II] (2010)


"Starting in May 2010, from Auckland, New Zealand, Night Gaunts are a punk/ska/reggae/rap band with 2 ex-members from Dead End Job"

Album of the Year

All I have to say guys is bravo because you really outdid yourselves here. I know the bassist personally and I've been checking up weekly with him to see if the album has been released yet and FINALLY, after months of anticipation, it has dropped and it dropped hard. Already into the second track my mind was blown away from the technicality that the Night Gaunts incorporate into their music with such sounds such as electronic bleeps and bloops, saxophone, keyboard, pianos, accordians and tons and tons more. This is the kind of material that the Mad Conductor SHOULD have been putting out after No Cash. Again, bravo guys. Good fucking job. Defiantly one of my top 10 album of the years. Everything flows, it's nice and light and poppy, and overall just a happy feel to it. If you're in need of cheering up or just feel like having some fun, this album is the way to go.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gride - 1996-2003 (2005)


"GRIDE endeavours to play ultrafast and extreme fusion of hardcore and grindcore. But they draw even from other styles of music like metal, industrial or alternative rock. Their only motto is: Speed wins!!! Lyrically, they want to study and describe a relationship between individual person and present society. They aim their lyrics to describing of manipulation, coercion, abusing and reducing of personal freedom in post-modern capitalist society."

SPEED WINS! Damn straight it does when it comes to Gride. This fast-paced, politically charged band from Czech has a variety of unusual and peculiar songs that are bliss to the human ears.  They also switch vocals going from growling to screaming and almost sludge-like riffs. Defiantly great for any PV/grindcore library.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From the Depths - Germinate (2009)


"From the Depths is an anarcho-punk band from North Carolina, featuring former members of Catharsis and Requiem. Like Requiem and Catharsis, From the Depths are connected to the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective. They released their first album “Germinate” in February 2009."

Wow, oh wow! Do I love this album or what. Anarchist and apocalyptic lyrics with male vocals which are growled and clean female vocals which are bad ass. I haven't really heard anything like this band. I don't really want to call them neocrust but that would be an appropriate tag to best relate to them. The clean vocals just give the band a very melodic sound to them which is just awesome and just unique not to mention the chill guitar riffs in the background. Defiantly a great album to have in a neocrust library. Check it!

Romantic Gorilla - Fun (1995)


"Romantic Gorilla is a sweet powerviolence/hardcore band. They incorporate humorous themes and styles in their music. They are from Japan and started in 1993.Gori: vocalsAkiko: guitarNakazizi: drums (1994-1995 and 1997-1998)Yabe Visious: bass (1997-1998)Shizu: bass (1998-)Hira-chan: drums (1993)Makoto: bass (1994-1995)Mas: bass (1995-1996)Yuji: drums (1995-1996)Ken: bass (while Makoto was recovering from a snowboarding accident)"

HECTIC, FRANTIC, HECTIC, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! All over the PLACE! That is pretty much how Romantic Gorilla rolls. Yet another kickass powerviolence band that delivers the goodies but Romantic Gorilla is much more than that. They combine many styles in their music and play around with certain little melodies and such here and there. Not to mention they have dual vocalist and are from Japan which provide a dynamic combo. There are only 5 tracks on this album so be sure to pick up the rest of their discography!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Gray Ghost - Deep In The Shallow End (2009)


"Labels: A389/Chainsaw Safety/Copper LungLine up changes, music changes(2008) Monolith Cassette(2008) Self Titled 10”(2009) Deep in the Shallow End 12”(2010) Succubus 7”

I'm really annoyed now because back in October of last year this band played in my old hometown and I'm JUST now realizing it. Of course, I didn't know how awesome they were back then or have heard of them for that matter. Gray Ghost brings something different to the table that I really like. It's almost as if it's melodic style but there's more to it with sludge-esque riffs. The lyrics and guitar aren't overbearing in most hardcore. Jeesh, it's almost soothing really. The only band I could compare to Gray Ghost would be either Cursed (a softer, more experimental version) or Black Breath without all the thrash influence. Defiantly a one-of-a-kind band that goes great in any library. Please pick them up. The track off youtube doesn't correlate with the album but it will have to do.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

G.A.T.E.S. - Total Death (2005)


"Metal/Punk Crust band from Japan.Yoshiakki Negishi - Vocals (ex-Church of Misery (Jpn), ex-Coffins, ex-Assault (Jpn))Futatsugi - Guitar (Life, ex-Antiauthorize)Tatsu Mikami - Bass (Church of Misery (Jpn), Sonic Flower (Jpn), Salem (Jpn))Fukawa - Drums (Sonic Flower, ex-Bleed for Pain, ex-Desperate Corruption)"

Alright well first off you're going to notice that this is pretty much a kick ass supergroup composed of ex-members from some of the greatest metal bands over in Japan. G.A.T.E.S. gives a whole new meaning to the word "thrash" with their d-beatish/crossover style while of playing that would impress any metalhead. It's as if Lemmy from Motorhead is leading this band. They just go above and beyond the normal sound and for that I fucking congratulate them. I'm going to have fun listening to this album dozens and dozens of times in the future.

Apartment 213 - Discography 1993-97 (2005)


"Apartment 213 is a grindcore/powerviolence band from Cleveland, Ohio. They started in 1995 and have gone through several lineup changes, and past members have been in other bands such as Ringworm, Nunslaughter, Bloodsick, and Lockweld."

I can't really remember how I found about this band but from what I've heard so far I love them. They bring the whole comedy routine too which is always nice (i.e. lyrics about death, gore, emos etc). I wouldn't say there is anything "special" about Apartment 213 but there's a good bit of material to go around for being a more obscure PV band. 

Shaolin Finger Jabb - Santa Maria Powerviolence (2010)

This is the complete discography of the powerviolence band Shaolin Finger Jabb. Unfortunately, I don't have a description for them but from what I've heard so far, you can tell that they try to bring back the old school way of playing powerviolence with the random chord progressions, Spazz-influenced locals along with comedy track names. This is pretty much as straight up powerviolence as you're going to get. Don't dismiss it for the raw noise either because that's what makes it fantastic.

Rainbow Of Death - Self Titled (2006)


"These guys (and girl) are one of the most ferocious powerviolence bands I’ve ever heard. Think Romantic Gorilla on speed in France. Never a dull moment at all. Originally released as a 10” record, this exact same band is also known asMonarch!, a sludge metal band which is also great in a completely different way. The two bands act as exact opposite mediums, it seems. One to chill out to, and one to rip with."

For some reason I can't stop listening to Rainbow of Death. They have a fucking awesome catchyness to them that just draws me in. I don't know if it's the French female vocals or just the fact that mostly all the tracks, except the last one (which is a great way to go out), are under 40 seconds long. I wish the best in the future for Rainbow Of Death and I hope they continue to crank out albums because this one was rocking as all fuck.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gather - Total Liberation (2005)


"Gather was an Independent Vegan Straight Edge Punk Band. They play a brand of sincere hardcore that I haven’t seen in almost a decade. Their radical politics, vegan straightedge lifestyle, and forward and open support of direct action for Total Liberation, laid over some great mid-1990s style crunchy metallic hardcore, send tingles down my spine every time I hear them.”

Defiantly one of those most underrated bands from first wave metalcore, Gather has an awesome blend of hardcore punk with crushing metallic deliverance along with female vocals. Even though their second album, Beyond The Ruins, had three times as many tracks as Total Liberation it just did not live up to the first release. There's just something really catchy about this first album I can't put my finger on.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sea Of Deprivation - Catharsis In Disharmony (2000)


"Arizona 3 piece featuring members of Misanthropic. Lots of crossover in musical styles but this definitely leans towards the metal end of things, drawing influences from bands such as Carcass, ABC Diabolo, Assuck and Dystopia. Lyrics are both personal and political in a brutally honest way."

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this band! Too bad this is the only album I have by them because they have or had so much fucking potential it's unreal. Take Dystopia, throw in some grind, and ask them to prolong their riffs and BAM! Hellooooooooooooooooo Sea of Deprivation. Their leftist ideas may not be as noticable in this band as they are Dystopia, but they make up for it in all other areas. PLEASE pick these guys up. They will NOT disappoint!

Among The Missing - Disorder Of The Templar (2005)


"Based in London Among The Missing mix Black Flag style dirty hardcore with sludgey guitars and doomy riffage to produce a fine chunk of noise. The album ‘Disorder of the Templar’ was released in 2005 on Withered Hand Records. "

Boy, was I glad to discover this band or what. It's as Eyehategod said FUCK IT, WE'RE GOING TO START PLAYING FASTER AND DOOMER! And the output was this wonderful band. You gotta love the noise influence too... Just sitting there on a Sunday morning starting out the fucking morning with a nice sludge riff and you just say to yourself "Ah, what a nice day it is to be alive!"

Vile Intent - Shadow Of The Skull (2010)


"Vile Intent is a furious Powerviolence band from Montreal, Canada.

Fans of bands like A Warm Gun and Social Infestation shouldn't have second thoughts when picking up this album. It provides the awesome speed of powerviolence at the sametime the heavy riffs of sludge. It's ass if Infest had sex with every sludge guitar player ever. Check it.

Rosenbombs - Second Demo (2005)


"Fast And Hard powerviolence that will rip your face off."

This is fucking powerviolence that will rip you fucking face off. Oh and did I mention they have female vocals too? Pretty good shit for only being a demo. Check out their other stuff too. ;o

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Okkultokrati - No Light For Mass (2010)


"Okkultokrati is a four-piece from Norway creating ugly, dirty hardcore with influences such as Black Flag, Idljarn, Sleep, and Poison Idea. The band is a member of the Black Hole Crew, along with fellow Norwegian nekro acts Haust, Dark Times, Sumar, Blackest Woods and Drugged SS."

What band takes the rawness of hardcore punk, throws in a little black metal and thrash, and kicks out the fucking jams?!?! Okkultokrati does JUST that! I'm sick and tired of seeing all these shitty positive reviews for Kvelertak calling it "dark hardcore and "black n' roll" so I'm bringing out what they SHOULD of delivered. Fuck this KVLERTAK shit, get Okkultokrati, a fine example of blending hardcore punk and black metal that doesn't suck.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dissystema - 3 Years In Hell: 2002-2005 (2007)


"D-beat/thrash/crust punk band DisSystema started in 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a trio comprising bassist/vocalist Jay, guitarist Steve, and drummer Kevin. Drawing influences from bands like Doom, Anti-Cimex, and Discharge, they recorded a 5-song demo in 48 hours shortly after their formation."

Ah yes. So I've recently discovered this band and I was very intrigued to find out they're from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aus-Rotten really set the bar for crust-influence in Pennsylvania and other bands like Caustic Christ and Behind Enemy Lines to follow soon after. Despite having a few fucked up live tracks, Dissystema has a very raw but yet energetic sound to them that makes them a d-beat classic, unlike these poser Tragedy bands. They incorporate tons of not only leftism but darkness and depsair spanning anywhere from depression to 9/11. Oh and did I mention a certain gal drops in to provide some lyrics? B) Defiantly a great new-age d-beat band that follows it's own path.

Hang The Bastard - Raw Sorcery (2009)


"When cerebral circulation is severely compromised by any mechanism, arterial or venous, death occurs over four or more minutes from cerebral hypoxia, although the heart may continue to beat for some period after the brain can no longer be resuscitated. The time of death in such cases is a matter of convention..."

Before you jump to conclusion and see the tag, just stop to and ask yourself  "Has he ever let me down before?". And the answer is NO! Hang The Bastard brings a unique sound to the table with their metallic hardcore with hints of sludge and almost doom metal riffs. For those who aren't big on what makes metalcore extremely watered down, which is breakdowns, have no worry. Hang The Bastard provides very very very very minuscule breakdowns which are covered up by the sludgyness of the riffs. There's just something about this band I can't put my finger on... They're almost like Poison The Well meets Black Breath. Very fucking awesome indeed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Suffering Mind - At War With Mankind (2009)


"Suffering mind is crusty death grind from Poland, with dual screaming female/ guttural male vocals.Memebers played in some bands like AntiChrist and People Hate. Influenced by equal dose of old school grind crust and power violence by bands such as : Phobia, Disrupt, Dystopia, Dropdead, Spazz, Insect Warfare… etc."

Yet again, Poland delivers and devastates with another crust/grind band with shrieking female growls. Check it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Realm Of Chaos - Leaders Of Pain (2008)


"Death/metal/crust band from Denmark (Copenhagen)."

Denmark never fails when they bring crust to the table. Case in point see; Nuclear Death Terror. :3 On topic now, Realm Of Chaos brings in that fucking dirty, damp, and disgusting stenchcore sound that it's known for. It's amazing at all the death metal influence in RoC. It seems like a lot of bands from Denmark are a lot more death/crust oriented. Oh and can you say FEMALE VOCALS AHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY! Defiantly for people who like Contagium, Misantropic, Nuclear Death Terror, etc.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sanctions - Home Sweet Home (2008)


"Members of cease upon the capitol and moral decay (tn). Formed in 2004. Playing intense, crust punk with lots of melodies. Went on hiatus from 2005 until 2007. Recorded “Home Sweet Home” in 2007, and a split with Dawn in 2008. Next up; “No Land”!"

I have to admit, for being one of those neocrust/screamo combination these guys fucking own. If I really had to tag a band with "melodic crust" it sure as hell would be these guys. It's like someone took Wake Up On Fire and combined them with Ekkaia. This band is great and I can't wait to hear more from them! Defiantly pick this album up if you're into neocrust because I promise you won't be let down. 

Victim Of Truth - Self Titled (2010)

From myspace:

"Formed in June 2008. under the name, Every Time I Die, "which included Vladek-Drums, Chris-guitar, Bula-bass, and Klaus-Rikardo vocals. After a while he left us, Bula and Klaus, in their place came Daniel (bass) and Malvina (vocals). Since then the team is under the name of Victim Of Truth. We play music where you can find the "elements" of different styles of music-trash metal, punk, crust with elements of grindcore. We have had many concerts in and around the White Podlasie and won the festival under the name "The Great Battle of Bands." band is associated with infectious squat."

Fuck yes! Another great crust/grindcore combo band but only this time there are female vocals! I love the thrashy sound that Victim Of Truth delivers at the same time keeping it real with the original sound. Not to mention the dual vocals make this band to die for. :3 Oh and did I mention they were POLISH?? The album overall is produced great and use a few different features when queuing in and out the voices. Check em out.

Mutiny - Self Titled (2009)


"Mutiny is an anarchist crust/grind punk band from Canada featuring members of Leper, Self-Rule and Iskra. 7’’ was released on four Canadian DIY labels."

Straight off the motha fucking Iskra (pioneers of blackened crust) and Leper (blackened crust/ska) boat rolls in Mutiny to destroy the fucking place. The end.

Athrenody - Crazed Development (2007)


"Existing only for a short time in the early 90s, ATHRENODY, along with bands like IMMORTAL FATE, EXHUMED, GORYMELANOMA and COLOSTOMY created a foundation for the emerging Bay Area grind scene. Back then, rumors were floating around about a band from the South Bay that played a brutal style of grind/death metal not-on-like Harmony Corruption era NAPALM DEATH and/or TERRORIZER - turned out this band was ATHRENODY. They played a few shows, and before they split-up, they managed to get into House of Faith studios to record this full length. Unfortunately vocals were not added, until that is, Matt Harvey from EXHUMED stepped up to the plate in 2005. The result is a CD release on To Live A Lie / 625 Thrashcore / De Rok Records."

AH YES! The Bay Area is known for some top-notch stuff including grindcore. Athrenody may only have one release but they fucking deliver. I honestly can't say that there's not one track on this album that I don't love. This album is just made of pure grind with fucking awesome vocals. It's a shame more grind bands don't sound this way... Dammit.

Masakari - The Prophet Feeds (2010)


"Masakari unleash a devastating blend of d-beat crust and anxious hardcore descendant to His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise, as well as more punk/crust founders G.I.S.M. and Discharge, and adopt these classic styles to their own point-blank, by-the-throat approach. Crushing, discordant riffing smashes its way through the barrage of ravenous drum battery, broken, eerie guitar leads entangled in the song structures, and all fueled by guttural, searing vocals that power the angry, socio-politically inspired lyrics."

Yet another bone-crushing neocrust band that delivers such an angry but yet emotional feel as the info above describes. The awesome thing is that Masakari isn't watered down by all the screamo bullshit like most neocrust bands. If you're a fan of Blunt you should defiantly pick these guys up. You can't go wrong and the ending is a major surprise. ;o

Silna Wola - 1994-1997 (1998)


"The band starts in 1989, but its first name is SILNA WOLA EDKA PINDOLA. The real history begins in 1994, when the band shorts the name to SILNA WOLA, and changes its style: raw crust/dis punk with anarchist message."

FUCK YES! Could Polish crust BE anymore perfect?!?! Just straight out in your fast crust with d-beat influence. As the description states above, a lot of the recording is raw which makes it sound all the more kick ass. This is Polish's answer to Discharge and I'm loving it and so shall you!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Antischism - Discography (1995)


"Antischism was an American crust punk band from Columbia, South Carolina from 1988 to 1998. For most of their existence, the band consisted of: Scott Cooper (drums, vocals, lyrics), Lyz (vocals), Kevin Byrd (guitar), Matt (bass). An additional male vocalist named Brent sang on the Still Life LP. Antischism broke up and then reformed in Austin, TX, as Initial State. After Initial State, Kevin went on to play in .fuckingcom (with Lyz) and Guyana Punch Line, he currently performs in Thank God. Scott moved to Savannah, GA, and played in Damad and Karst, and now plays in Chronicle A/D."

You don't listen to crust if you don't have this. That's all I gotta say.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Target Audience - Tree City Blues (2007)


"There’s something about good music that makes life worth living. We’ve decided to play what we like and sing about what makes us angry, sad, or happy, and we have way too much fun doing it.”"

The description is pretty much all you need to know about this band. They play from the heart and they know how to tell it how it is. No Target Audience really speaks to you and your emotions with a very warm approach. I haven't really heard much folk punk like this before so grab it while you can!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wake Up On Fire - Self Titled (2005)


"Wake Up On Fire was a Sludge/Crust band from Baltimore, MD. Though no longer with us, some members went on to form the band Nux Vomica."

Has there ever been a greater sludge/crust combination than Wake Up On Fire? I think not! I love how slow, long, and drawn-out this band plays. It's as if they ALWAYS play just stoned out of their mind throwing in random growls and what not. This band isn't as melodic as Nux Vomica as it is just more heavy and earth-shattering. Check it.

Sorry, no youtube links. Here is their myspace though: Wake Up On Fire

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shikabane - 1st EP 人間に生まるること難し・・・(1996)


"Raging, moody, and dark Hardcore/Thrash from the depths of Tokyo, Japan, 屍 or better known in romaji as Shikabane (Corpse) are one of the bands from Japan that best represents the unique sound that has come to be known as “Japancore.”

Fucking gotta love Japan man. They have some of the best scenes over there and hardcore is one of them. Shikabane has a very darkened style of playing their hardcore that is very fast and aggressive with almost growled lyrics with tons of crust influence. Shikabane also had a split with Agathocles, a key band in the grindcore scene who coined the term "mincecore" to describe a way of playing goregrind with more left-winged views and had lyrics such as anti-fascism and capitalsm whereas goregrind was about mutilation and death. I couldn't find a youtube video off this album but this is off their album Ego & Desire which has a more blackened sound to it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking For An Answer - Buscando Una Respuesta (2005)


"Looking For An Answer is a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Madrid, Spain. They were formed in 1999. The band started as a side project of guitarist Felix. Later on vocalist Iñaki, and bassist Ramón were added. The band recorded, and played live with a drum machine until the arrival of drummer Moya. The band has lots of oldschool Death Metal, and Grindcore influences, as well as lots of Crust Punk, and Hardcore Punk influences in their music. Looking For An Answer often writes about animal liberation/animal rights, social issues, and human misery. Some of the former/current members of the band are also in the following bands: Machetazo, Justice Department, and Dishammer. The band is currently active, and recently signed to Relapse Records."

This is Looking For An Answer's first album release back in 2004 which incorporated a lot of crust into the mix. Unfortuantely, their album to follow, Extinctión, did not following up with the crust and ska elements but their 2010 split with Ratos de Porão did! This band isn't necessarily "ska" as they are just throwing a few ska hooks at the end of the song which makes them completely bad ass. Apart from the crust and ska, this is one great fucking grindcore band.