Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trap Them - Darker Handcraft (2011)


"Trap Them is a band from Salem, New Hampshire. They began as a side project for vocalist Ryan Mckenney (Backstabbers Inc.) and guitarist Brian Izzi (December Wolves). Since forming they have released two albums, Sleepwell Deconstructer and Seizures in Barren Praise, and three EPs, Cunt Heir to the Throne, Séance Prime and Split with Extreme Noise Terror. Anyone digging the 90’s swedish deathsound from the Sunlight studio should have a go at this."

IT FINALLY DROPPED FOLKS! Fuck yeeeeeeeeeeah! Under the mastermind production of Kurt Ballou (Converge), Trap Them drops another heavy as nails earth-shattering release.Trap Them are a very unusual band in the hardcore world. Taking influences from bands such as Converge, Extreme Noise Terror, and Cursed, Trap Them combines a wonderful blend crust, grindcore, mathcore, to give you one jam packed sound! If you're familiar with Nails, another Deathwish Inc release back in 2010, you'll find Trap Them very similar. Darker Handcraft focuses on lots and lots of distortion. When I say lots, I mean LOTS. LIKE, JUST FUCKING WALLS OF PUMMELING FLAT OUT DOWN-TEMPO MOTHER FUCKERS. The riffs are mathy and very untraditional with very hard chugging and fast as fuck drumming. What I like most about this release is that it's very fast. A lot of their earlier stuff, I'M LOOKING AT YOU SEANCE PRIME, is almost melodic as times which can either be a turn on or turn off. If I had to base this album on a score one to ten it'd definitely get at least an eight. Vocalist Ryan McKenney is summoning up his voice from the gods and lending his wonderful crusty voice to put out such an aggressive album. The teeth-grinding release will have you shaking in your boots. Fans of bands such as Converge, Pulling Teeth, and Cursed, and Nails should definitely consider picking up this album. Be ready for 12 tracks of ear-rapping goooooooooodness!


  1. I know right??? I randomly found it last night and was like OKAY, I HAVE TO UPLOAD IT RIGHT MEOW!

  2. Jesus, this album is a complete drug, I'm so addicted to it!

    I've heard it for the first time like 4 weeks ago and I was blown away - I have some friends in specialized press, they always have the albums sooner than we do. :P

    I feel sorry for my neighbors ahahah.

  3. Hm... I think I was bothering you for it. I can't remember your name but all I know is that you were a subscriber and I asked for it but you didn't reply back. I then proceeded to bother some guy who worked at Terrorizer for it haha.


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