Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gride - 1996-2003 (2005)


"GRIDE endeavours to play ultrafast and extreme fusion of hardcore and grindcore. But they draw even from other styles of music like metal, industrial or alternative rock. Their only motto is: Speed wins!!! Lyrically, they want to study and describe a relationship between individual person and present society. They aim their lyrics to describing of manipulation, coercion, abusing and reducing of personal freedom in post-modern capitalist society."

SPEED WINS! Damn straight it does when it comes to Gride. This fast-paced, politically charged band from Czech has a variety of unusual and peculiar songs that are bliss to the human ears.  They also switch vocals going from growling to screaming and almost sludge-like riffs. Defiantly great for any PV/grindcore library.

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