Sunday, December 19, 2010

Okkultokrati - No Light For Mass (2010)


"Okkultokrati is a four-piece from Norway creating ugly, dirty hardcore with influences such as Black Flag, Idljarn, Sleep, and Poison Idea. The band is a member of the Black Hole Crew, along with fellow Norwegian nekro acts Haust, Dark Times, Sumar, Blackest Woods and Drugged SS."

What band takes the rawness of hardcore punk, throws in a little black metal and thrash, and kicks out the fucking jams?!?! Okkultokrati does JUST that! I'm sick and tired of seeing all these shitty positive reviews for Kvelertak calling it "dark hardcore and "black n' roll" so I'm bringing out what they SHOULD of delivered. Fuck this KVLERTAK shit, get Okkultokrati, a fine example of blending hardcore punk and black metal that doesn't suck.

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