Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ramlord - Stench Of Fallacy (2011)


"Blackened d-beat powerviolence from New Hampshire. In stench we grind through the sludge we blacken."

I was received an email earlier in the day about this band. I lightly skimmed through it without even paying attention and saw the words "black metal", "crust", "powerviolence", "d-beat", and "sludge". I knew I was going to instantly fall in love with this band. Yes, I know all these all these tags at the bottom look ridiculous but they do serve a purpose because Ramlord is THAT innovative. The album starts out very very angry with random chord progressions which breaks out the powerviolence side of the band, switching it up between growled and shrieked vocals. Then, JUST LIKE THAT, bam! Fucking blast beats and tremelo picking everywhere! I was just sitting there saying to myself MY GOD, IS THIS FUCKING AWESOME?!? The drumming picks up faster and faster! It's like I'm listening to Discharge all over again. The riffs are getting heavier, reminiscent to Eyehategod or something. The vocals set in and the misanthropy is flowing through every lyric as it begins to take on a real crust-like sound. Stench Of Fallacy goes back and forth between these styles of music incorporating different elements here and there to give it a real unique sound. I don't know whether these guys are THAT versatile or were just stoned outta their fucking MINDS when they put together all of this. Either way, it's golden. Seriously though, it's like Insect Warfare meets Dystopia meets early Darkthrone. Just overall innovative in every which way possible, making for one hell of a listening experience. 

I S T R O N G L Y recommend this to anyone who reads up on my blog. It's fucking incredible.  

Is it just me or is this album cover an ode to Amebix's compilation album Beginning Of The End? Either way, it's still pretty fucking bad ass. Right on!


  1. a sundering of the unspoken ways

  2. It is an ode, most of the graphics they use for the band are odes to others... these dudes are killer.

  3. ist good, i need to purchase t shirt to cover my hair covered back. tell the band to make some.

  4. Ben of the Ram here, just stopping by to say that we have a new heavy fast 4 song split side on our Bandcamp.

  5. reality begins to flood my brain.

  6. saw these guys at a friends in allston, MA--show was killer (i got a free patch), later that night dewey square was raid by cops. one hell of a night.


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