Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gridlink - Orphan (2011)


"A five piece formed in Hoboken, New Jersey. Plays technical blistering grindcore. Has members of Discordance Axis, Mortalized, Hayaino Daisuki, Burnt by the Sun, Human Remains, Noisear, Kill the Client, and Phobia as well as many other bands."

The LEGENDARY grindcore band Gridlink is BACK with a 2011 release entitled Orphan. It only took them what? Three years to make an album? Nothing wrong with that though because when you put out a ridiculously fucking crazy album like Orphan all that hard work pays off. Seriously though, this album fucking R U L E S hands down. This supergroup comprised of members from influential grindcore bands have all banded together to pump out an original as fuck sound. If you're familiar with Amber Gray then you know how their style is. It's strange to hear these kind of sounds coming from a guitar. Not strange really, just unreal. The guitar work is just so technical, fast, and on time. I can only imagine how hard the drummer and vocalists are working to keep up with it. I couldn't scream/squeal/growl my fucking heart out to save my LIFE just to imitate them my GOD are they so good. I just feel so violated listening to this album because how could I expose my poor little ear drums to such ear rape? Grindcore has NEVER been this dominant and had this many superb releases ever since 1987 when Scum was released. FUCK! I love Relapse and I think what they're doing is a wonderful thing for the music community. I don't care about retarded grindcore purists either. Everyone is going to say " is DEAD!!!!" and that is not fucking true at all. So what a black metal band isn't Scandinavian and throws in a bit of post-rock in their black metal? SO FUCKING WHAT! Don't let shitty elitists tell you otherwise. Do yourself a favor; ignore those assholes and pick up one of the best albums of this year. Be sure to purchase the album at Hydra Head.


  1. I'd like to point out that you can get the digital download from Hydrahead for like, 6 bucks. $11 gets you the Amber Gray remaster as well, which fucking slays.

    Or you could be a useless bitch and bootleg it from mediafire :P

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA I'll throw up the link to Hydrahead!

  3. Well, that was my good deed for the week lol

  4. Now it's time to spread Christmas joy?


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