Friday, March 18, 2011

Cello Fury - Self Titled (2011)


"Cello Fury is a four-man instrumental post-rock/classical cello group with drums hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Alright so, I deeply apologize in advance to those who will download this and get the wrong impression because I didn't really know what to call this band. I was merely going off the tags to forgive me! Cello Fury are something I normally don't listen to. I mean, I love cellos and stuff but they usually make themselves known in neocrust bands but to have an instrumental is something different for me. They combine elements of classical and post-rock to give for a very unique sound. Some songs such as Against All Odds are very abrasive, leaving you blown away on the edge of yourself. Other tracks like Silenced and Down The Road are very chill and relaxed. What I like mostly is the fact that they perform nearly for free and it's for all different ages and what not. Being an independent band they sure are getting by! I was really happy to see their stuff online for free at their website which can be found here. Hell, they even performed a a half time show for the Pittsburgh Steelers! I'm not how you typical fans will react to all of this but if any of those tags at the bottom interest you be sure to pick this shit up right fucking meow.

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