Saturday, March 26, 2011

IZP / Within The Last Wish - Jidai Wo Toikakeru Sonzai No Shomei (2010)

Thanks to my pal Reverie for hooking me up with this band! I was looking for some stuff similar to Envy and what not and he hooked me up with a band called Within The Last Wish. I was going through their stuff and picking up the discography and stumbled across this gem. IZP and Within The Last Wish are both screamo influenced post-hardcore bands. What really surprised me about this split was how A-W-E-S-O-M-E IZP's side was. I am quite familiar with Within The Last Wish and their incredible way of playing their melodic tinged post-hardcore with heavy as fuck bass lines. I had a really hard time trying to a pick a favorite from WTLW when listening to their stuff but I highly recommend getting their entire discography (two demos and an EP excluding this split). Now, I haven't heard of IZP before. I looked on to see the fanbase (Only 74 listeners. Can you BELIEVE this shit?) and googled "IZP", "band", "Japanese", "post-hardcore", and "screamo" alternatively and nothing was coming up of relevance which sucks because I really wish I could get some more stuff by them. Their style of post-hardcore is a bit different. There is a lot more more fancy guitar work and even some spoken vocals. The vocalist can hit a lot more high notes whereas WTLW has more deeper voice but can scream for an extended period. Another thing that IZP lacks that I really enjoy in WTLW was the whole post-rock influence. There isn't a lot of it but when it's present, it's PRESENT! Overall, I had a great time listening to split and I know it's going to grow on me and definitely become a favorite. I think traditional post-hardcore fans will highly enjoy this album and I suggest it to anyone who is looking for some foreign screamo that isn't just from Mexico or Brazil. Oh and I think the last song is IZP respectively covering a track by Within The Last Wish. Enjoy!


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