Friday, March 11, 2011

Negative Standards - I.II.III.IV.V (2011)


"Downtuned d-beat/sludge/noise from Oakland, CA with members of Acts of Sedition and Kentucky Fried Doom. Released “I.II.III.IV.V” cassette ep on Five-Ten Tapes and Gay Scientist Recordings in late 2010."

A unique and strange blend of hardcore punk, d-beat, and sludge to really fuck with your ears. The drumming patterns will have you instantly honed in and bobbing your head. Having backgrounds in both previous sludge and hardcore bands, this is nothing to Negative Standards. This is one solid release right after their 2009 demo. For a 15 minute release, this one fucking EP to beat. I wonder what these guys are going to do next. Who knows? Maybe a 2011 full length this year?! I hope so!

My previous link was taken down because some FUCKER decided to report it but I got word from Will, a member of the band and owner of the distro who put out the release, said it was okay to upload it to my blog.

hey man, this is will from n.s.

i saw you say that our demo got taken down from your mediafire; that's hella wierd. as a person who is in the band AND runs one of the labels that put it out, let me say that we are 100% down with people posting our shit, must have been some random asshole or something. please> reupload, and thanks for the support!!

 -will/negative standards

So yeah, whoever reported my link go fuck yourself. I'm uploading it regardless what anyone says.


  1. This band are absoluty Amazing bro...listen so much...raw raw raw

  2. Indeed. I'm really looking forward to a full-length. I can only imagine what kind of hell they can create.


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