Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pass The Jug! - Ruckus, Rags And Ridin' (2009)


"We like to travel the country and play on the streets or in peoples basements. Contact us on here if you’d like to order a cd, or email us at $5. 15 tracks, is it an EP or an LP? I dont know. The first 7 songs are with the whole band, the last eight are solo recordings by our Guitarist. You can also download our stuff for free on search for Pass The Jug!"

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG TIME!!!! FUCK YEAH! I am becoming more and more obsessed with ragtime, jug bands, and other predated forms of rock and jazz music. I just LOVE the simplistic sound that it delivers but yet seems to captivate everything I love about music all in one form. Pass The Jug! are a band signed to Pat The Bunny's distro that I picked up awhile back. They're a new school ragtime band with lots of jug instrumentation and very homely lyrics. If you're familiar with The Inkwell Rhythm Makers then you're in for a real treat. The CD starts out with my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE track, Georgia, a very warming song about how lovely Georgia is. Seriously folks, this track made me wanna jump the nearest freight train and go live in GA forever. There is lots and lots of jug instrumentation making for a unique bassline and random kazoos and cymbals going off, adding to the real old-tymey effect. AWWWWWWW... GODDAMNIT! I DID IT AGAIN!!!! That's a song about drinking of course. Who needs booze when you have WEED? Haha sorry. I'm just rambling on with some lyrics and what not. WELCOME RAGTIME, DON'T BE AFRAID! It's okay. Trust me. This is truly some heart warming music and you'll see when you listen to it for yourself.

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