Monday, March 21, 2011

I Want You Dead - We Are The Legions of Scums (2010)


"I Want You Dead were formed in September 2008 in Patras,Greece, to deliver negative soundscapes through hardcore music ."

I never really listened to too much music around Greece besides Croatia and Romania but I'm glad to add these guys to my growing collection! I Want You Dead play that very fast, aggressive hardcore intended for moshing similar to Born From Pain, Throwdown, and Death Before Dishonor. I was noticing the tags associated with the band on and I saw death metal as one of them and thought it was silly. I can't really see the influence too well. Maybe because I haven't listened to too much death metal influenced hardcore? The vocals are rather guttural and the riffs are a bit more... melodic? There was a pretty sick fucking breakdown during I Am Decay and this is coming from someone who despises them. I would definitely say they are someone relative to the h8000 hardcore scene over in Belgium that was inspired by death metal though. There is also a strong influence by the old school hardcore band Slapshot (I Want You Dead is a track by SS). f you want some loud, aggressive hardcore to brag to your friends about that isn't shitty scene stuff then check this out. Be sure to check out their bandcamp and buy some merch.

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