Friday, March 18, 2011

Black Haven - The Cleansing Storm (2007)


"Black Haven is a punk hardcore band from Ghent, Belgium."

I remember digging deeper and deeper into the whole "hardcore" thing with newer acts and various band signed to Deathwish Inc. I had always thought most most metalcore was shitty scene crap with breakdowns everywhere with the exception of Shai Hulud and Poison The Well (both of which I disliked at the time). My friend on decided to hook me up with a few h8000 metalcore bands, with me knowing that they were labeled as metalcore. I was like okay, yeah, whatever. I decided to give a few of these bands a go and I was blown the fuck away. Now I feel it's my need to interject when someone says they like metalcore and throw in some REAL metalcore. Black Haven have been in my library for awhile but I've never gotten around to listening to them. I picked up their stuff not too long ago and went through the demo and that first track blew me the fuck away. They have tons and tons and TONS of metallic as fuck riffs and some very hostile lyrics.  I was clenching my teeth and balling up my hands into a fist this was pissing me off that much. The Cleansing Storm is no exception to this. It's just fast paced, loud, and in your face. These fuckers bring it to you hardcore and know what's up. The vocals are a lot harsher than most hardcore and metalcore bands seeing as how the h8000 scene with influenced by a lot death metal. If you're bored of the same Deathwish Inc products and want something unique and fresh I'd recommend picking this up. Oh and they like Tragedy. That's pretty cool within itself.

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