Saturday, March 12, 2011

Infernal Stronghold - Godless Noise (2009)


"Posted up on the streets of Philly since 2002. Line up :Eddie Chainsaw - Guitars/Vocals Gunslut - Drums/Vocals Richie Rabbid - Bass Abolish Yourself - Guitars"

I was digging around a bit and saw a friend of mind was listening to a band called Infernal Stronghold. I randomly clicked their profile and noticed "blackened thrash metal" as a tag so I definitely had to hit it up. I wouldn't say they're along the lines of Sodom or Toxic Holocaust when it comes to being blackened thrash but they do play a very sped up thrash metal-esque. Unlike other bands similar (Kvelertak and Okkultokrati) Infernal Stronghold lack that punk sound but really make up for it with their instrumental black metal stuff. I think they're most comparable to Dishammer, again, without the punk/d-beat/crust influence. The production is rather raw too which I like a lot. This album pretty much consists of lo-finess, thrashy riffs, and blast beats everywhere with some harsh as fuck vocals. If you like this album I strongly suggest getting their 2007 release entitled Excommunicated.


  1. This band reminds a little of a Death Metal band we have here in NC called COLUMNS... really rad band!
    This band is pretty rad as well! :D

  2. Do you have any links to their stuff? :3

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