Monday, January 10, 2011

Enabler - Eden Sank To Grief (2010)


"Very heavy hardcore from Milwaukee"

Without a doubt they really are a HEAVY fucking band. What I love about Enabler is the fact that they provide a lot of chug chug chugs in their riffs with a nice sludge-y hardcore punk sound that just sounds overbearing as all fuck with a nice southern undertone despite the fact that they're from Milwaukee. Their anti war lyrics combined with crust-y as all fuck sound draw you in instantly and just induce your rage.  I love Mammoth Grinder and all but man, does Enabler sound like a harder version of them or what. I found this band through Drainland, another sludge-y crust/noise band on Trouble Your System blogspot. (check my blogs that I follow if you're interested) and I thank you for that because Enabler is fucking awesome.


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