Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hej Ninja! - Self Titled (2008)


"A chaotic and colorful mix of screamo, grind and post rock from Karlstad, Sweden."

I have never in my life would of thought I'd be tagging a band as post-rock and crust but today is that day. The reason why I tag Hej Ninja! with crust is because of their heavily growled lyrics interchanged into screams (screamo is also visible in a lot of neocrust so it only makes sense to tag it appropriately). A nice blend of instrumental post-rock is thrown into the mix to put you into a very calm state in between the growled/screamed lyrics. The band by not have much crust tendencies but it is visible and I believe that's why it's so sweet to my ears. If you're fans of stuff like Ekkaia, Alpinist, Mesa Verde, and I Create, then consider downloading this album.

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