Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mother Of Mercy - IV: Symptoms Of Existence (2011)


"Hardcore from Pennsylvania, USA.Heavy without being metal, mid-tempo without losing energy, Pennsylvania’s Mother Of Mercy appeared with their demo in early 2007. Featuring members of LetDown, this band steers to a darker, heavier side while firmly entrenched in the hardcore world."

Mother Of Mercy are back with a full-length album released on Bridge Nine Records, with fellow hardcore bands such as Ceremony, Agnostic Front, Cruel Hand, Defeater, Ruiner, H20, Have Heart, and tons more. Living up to the hype by being signed to that record company isn't easy but Mother Of Mercy pull it off perfectly find. If there was an actual "metalcore" genre, Mother Of Mercy would be the head of that genre. Just thrashy, metallic, hardcore and just all out groovy and in your face. Awesome riffs, great vocals, and overall spectacular album that really gets you back into the hardcore spirit.

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