Monday, January 24, 2011

Skarp - Requiem (2005)


"Seattle’s SKARP goes straight for the throat with no mercy. Their pitiless core is as apt to plod as it is to shred but they sure seem more at home when they are fucking out the jams. SKARP seems to be an excellent (maybe even archetypal) example of extreme music after 80s and 90s crust was ingested by grind and power violence and regurgitated for a new millennium. Lyrically the band backs up their louder-than-hell sound with classic rants against a multitude of “isms” and biases. This is a first class example of the extremities of the extreme."

Straight from Seattle, this band really knows how to lay it down with some fucking awesome riffs and the tracks aren't all 50 seconds of growls and pig squeals like you're typical grindcore. One of the greatest crustgrind albums put out to date, Skarp bring a very dark and damp way of playing to both crust and grindcore scenes. The vocalist of Skarp has a very profound sound to her that is so hard to describe I can't go into details. The overall feel of this band is just very misantrophic and nihilistic as fuck. Seriously, if you don't have this album you don't know SHIT about crust or grind. Without a doubt, one of the greatest crustgrind albums you will ever listen to. Even if you're not a fan of either or I highly recommend this. I've been a fan of Skarp for a long time now and I promise they won't disappoint or your money back. B)


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