Sunday, January 9, 2011

Disappearer - The Clearing (2009)


"When noted Boston hardcore band There Were Wires finally collapsed it came as somewhat of a relief to its five members. Before the break-up, the band had met more than their share of obstacles: three different guitarists, the loss of the label they called home (a mere three days before their sophomore release was to hit stores), and a brutal workplace accident that nearly severed three fingers off of guitarist Thomas Moses’ right hand (they were thankfully re-attached). So when they decided to end the band, drummer Ryan Begley, bassist Jebb Riley and the aforementioned guitarist, Thomas Moses, saw the opportunity for a fresh start."

I saw Disappearer back in August when they, along with Russian Circles, opened up for Boris. I did not know what kind of style they played or anything until they took center stage. I was blown away by their song Nausea, due to how heavy as all fuck and sludge-y it was. They've been touring a lot with big named acts such as Pelican, Black Cobra, and Tombs so you know they're the real deal. I'm predicting that Disappearer will be a big name to come so stay tuned!

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