Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cryptorchid Chipmunk - Brothel_Waffle.exe From the Past Returns Again...No, Seriously (2005)


"CC was born years ago in a dark alley inside of a trash can. Together, the eight (sometimes seven, sometimes six, sometimes nine, sometimes twelve?) members huddled together in the dark and cold, struggling to survive. Eventually, after long days of anal rape and hot Carls, Agent FMF exclaimed, “Let’s play music, you sick fucks! We can bring our flith out of the streets and into punk venues where people will hate us and throw trash at our feet!” Suddenly, VA-Gena replied, “But we don’t know how to play instruments!” “Who cares?” General Dick Fuck Duck shouted , “We can rely on our good looks and sex prowess!” With that, the hungry bandmates crawled out of the alley, shit their pants, and started a band playing the most fucked up ska music ever created."

I've been listening to Cryptorchid Chipmunk for a few years now and I've only just thought about throwing them up on my blog last night. Cryptorchid Chipmunk are a weird crazy bunch of ska fans combining rap, hardcore, some electronic samples and a brass section with humorous lyrics and rip offs of TV intros and well-known songs. On their demo they play strictly ska but mixing it up on their second album, Thank You For Saving Me Listener, But Your Revolution Is In Another Compact CD Disc, with a bunch of electronic samples and such. If you're a fan of Bomb The Music Industry! and looking to check out something really quirky, original, and fun, then these guys are your safest bet.

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