Friday, January 28, 2011

Contagium - Archaic (2010)


"Crust from the East coast of Canada. First show in May 2008. Canadian tour September-October 2008, North American tour May-June 2009, US tour December 2009. 7” EP on Black Raven Records 2009, 12” LP out on The Total End Records Spring 2010. Adam - artwork, guitar and vocals. Ben - drums and vocals. Rob - bass and vocals."

As long as I can remember being a crust fan I have always enjoyed Contagium. Their combination of crust as fuck growled lyrics and metallic riffs really make for an awesome combination. The word "stenchcore" is best associated with them. The feeling Contagium delivers is a very apocalyptic one with very nihilistic lyrics that make for an overall chilling feel when listening to this album. If you're looking for some all out dirty, crusty crust then this is the band to listen to. Check this one out if you're a fan of stuff like Instinct of Survival, Nuclear Death Terror, Misantropicm and Morne.

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