Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wolfnote - Sacred Bodies (2005)


"The Wolfnote were a hardcore band from the city of Edmonton in the Canadian province of Alberta, active between 2001 and 2006. They started bending the genres usually presented in Alberta’s music scene shortly after their formation by releasing a CDR demo titled “Dancing To A Rhythm” before changing lead vocalists when Travis would join the band. The line up was set, and they recorded the “Si! Si! Si!” EP to be released on Farway records after putting out another self released single.They went on to build a loyal fan base in the province’s all ages scene, due to their wild performances where they would play only on floors and crowds of kids would gather around to dance which ever way they wanted. Blackbox Recordings released their first full length, “This Is The Getdown”, which showed a new direction for the band. The lyrics in the songs reflected what you might have seen at a Wolfnote show, rather than the music speaking for itself, it was reborn with a message of personal freedom.“Sacred Bodies”, also released on Blackbox recordings, would be the Wolfnote’s final release in 2006 as they went their separate ways."

Zany, fun, and all out crazy, The Wolfnote really knows how to bring new elements to hardcore. The technical merit they display it very unique to them and them alone. There are a lot of similar bands to The Wolfnote circulating out of the Edmonton area and provide a lot of rocking sound and defiantly worth checking out but The Wolfnote are different in their own way. If you're looking for something fun and different at the same time, than this album is the way to go.

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