Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hypernoid - The Last Day Begins? (1994)


"Hybernoid were an Industrial Metal band formed in 1991 in Lancashire (UK), comprising of Dunk Goodenough (vocals), Paula Smith (vocals), Dave Evans (guitar), Andy Bennett (guitar), Andy J. Bennett (bass) and Paul Stansfield (drums).Hybernoid’s sound was a unique combination of influences, fusing Doom/Death, Industrial and Crust Punk, with hints of Goth and Indie, though towards the end of their existence they moved into more Electro/Industrial realms. The band drew influence from punk and indie with early Amebix (No Sanctuary era), The Chameleons, through to Carcass and Bolt Thrower."

Wow, just wow. This is probably one of few bands I can actually relate to Amebix because they sound almost exactly the same with some female vocals thrown in. Axegrinder can't even top Hybernoid when sounding like them. Hybernoid brings in that raw, metallic sound with an industrial feel to the punk scene. Their lyrics are heavily influenced by apocalyptic themes and really brings out the darkness in music. If you're feeling apathic and want to listen to something a bit different from Amebix but in the same style, than this album is up your alley. I strongly suggest this to any crust fan. Enjoy!

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