Friday, May 20, 2011

Boris - Attention Please (2011)


"Boris is a Japanese musical group formed in 1992 in Tokyo.As of 2010, their lineup consists of: Atsuo - Drums, Vocals; Takeshi - Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals; Wata - Lead Guitar, Vocals.Michio Kurihara - Live session guitarist.Boris are as prolific as they are experimental. They are known to regularly switch musical genres between albums, drawing from a wildly diverse variety of musical styles including psychedelic rock, punk, sludge, doom metal, drone, pop, noise, shoegaze, ambient, and more. The band’s name is taken from a song on Melvins’ album Bullhead."

After my however long hiatus, I am back with the new Boris albums ready to get this shit done. If you've been following up with the news, Boris have decided to release three (four respectively with their collab with Merzbow) albums this year and the first one, New Album, was released back in March. The first thing I've gotta point out about this album is the appreciation for Wata. If you're a big Wata fan then you're going to fall in love with Attention Please. It's about fucking time they've gave this Boris babe her own album. Now don't have any preconceived connotations when first listening to this album or else it'll completely just ruin it for you like it almost did for me. The first track, Attention Please, is a rather jazzy and slow song which almost threw me off of the entire album had me going WTF because it really pissed me off as to how boring the song was. Tracks like Tokyo Wonder Land, some kind electronic fusion of industrial-esque whatever with some crazy feedback and very bluesy at times, and You, a very ambient and spacey track that'll have you lost in purgatory, save the album from being a complete disaster. I mean yes, there ARE tracks off New Album that also resurface on this one but they're all different versions and all have Wata as the main vocals. Like New Album, Attention Please heavily focuses electronic sounds here and there for the backbone of the album with a bit of psychedelic rock and ambient. This is yet another album that's unlike anything Boris as ever done and I can totally see traditional Boris fans not liking this album. It's a fucking shame though because this is EXACTLY what Boris is about -- experimentation.


  1. I like Boris, but I love this album, perhaps the most easy to listen but it is with no doubt Boris

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