Sunday, May 1, 2011

Desidia - Self Titled (2009)


"Formed in 2007, Desidia is screamo/progressive band from A Coruña, Spain.“Laziness, negligence, inertia, sloth, abandon, carelessness, negligence, carelessness, nonchalance, unconcern, phlegm, dirt, dirt, apathy, coldness…“They are product of a musical and personal evolution that departs from other groups previous to this one. Three of the band members played together from past periods, other two have been the last incorporation to this long evolution, which has shown difficulties, stagnation, differences. Despite of it all friendship and music still join them."

HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! So... fucking... good. As you can read, Desidia are a screamo band who goes above and beyond the norm combining elements of post-rock, ambient, and hardcore. Don't get them confused with the neocrust band Desidia. They're great as well but these Spaniards top the fucking cake. They attempt to woo you into joining their side and getting lost in their fucking BEAUTIFUL melancholy of rich harmonies and experimental melodies, which they've successfully done so. Some songs such as Retratos de Nadie and Zairus are rather explosive, just pummeling your face with aggression and quickly transitioning into instrumental parts whereas songs like Merma start out with slow builds and eventually work their way up to some punishing climaxes. There were a few parts when listening to that I just HAD to take off my headphones and breath for a minute because it was just too much for me. YEAH! THAT fucking powerful I swear to you. This album will have you crumpling at your feet with mixed emotions as you attempt to keep your grasp on reality whilst bearing the ability to even withstand one song. I have very mixed emotions about screamo now. Yes, the France scene is wonderful and the Russian scene has some of the greatest screamo bands I've listened to but fucking Spain, I swear, has some of THE BEST bands around in any genre. I'm so glad to have found this band because they've made my day. 

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