Monday, May 2, 2011

Dance or Die!!! / PFA - Split (2011)

Alrighty so check this. I had someone by the name of Zoli (the bassist for Dance Or Die!!!) send me a demo asking for me to throw their band up on my blog and here I am. The split is between two bands: Dance Or Die!!! and PFA. Sure, I could of listened to both of their bandcamps (I'll provide the links later on) and a get clue of how they sounded but I wanted to be surprised. The track order is all fucked up so it just listed Dance Or Die!!!'s songs alphabetical order first. I had to start off by saying that both bands almost sound identically the same with a bit of key differences. Dance Or Die!!! seem to have this really crusty influence to them, almost similar to his His Hero Is Gone or some kind of neocrust/hardcore band with some fastcore like Migra Violenta. With track names such as Music Industry and Modernisation My Ass, Progress My Hole, DoD!!! seem to lean towards the more left end of the spectrum whereas PFA are just a bunch of young guys who want to play fast music. Not that there's anything wrong with that! I digged up a bit of information about them and I noticed that they were influenced by early hardcore bands like Gorilla Biscuits and it only made sense that they were comparable to The Exploited but with a bit more fast edge to them if you will. Despite most of their tracks being under 30 seconds, the one that IS over four minutes is quite melodic, almost TOO melodic if you ask me. It's just strange to use a song like this as an intro and have the rest just blitzkrieg fuck all grindy under 30 seconds instead of using it as an outro. I don't know. I guess I don't see the potential. ANYWAYS, with that being said check out some DoD!!!'s and PFA's bandcamps for purchase or at dzsukhellrekords, Chaos Is Ours, and Do It Yourself Or Die.

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