Monday, May 2, 2011

Spectre Alone - Demo (2011)


"Spectre Alone are a three piece screamo influenced hardcore punk band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts that started in May 2010 and released at 2011 demo on May 1st, 2011. Email them at"

I had this little number emailed to me a few days ago by Evan, the guitarist. They're a little screamo/hardcore punk band all the way up from Cape Cod and around Boston, MA. I was browsing a few pictures and was highly fucking disgusted at the amount of hipsters that show up to their shows. Seriously, a fucking Joy Division shirt? Fuck off with that SHIT. Sure, the turn outs may look like typical douchebag sorority boys (unfortunately that's the type of people who only exist in around Boston) but this demo is great, especially for it being DIY. There's 5 tracks consisting of in your face raw and rather melodic hardcore that seem to change it up a bit. For instance, the first track, I Thought I Heard A Train Coming, seems to just nail you with relentless screams upon screams with all out aggression whereas a song like Küntslerroman throws in some weird instrumental part in the middle of the song. It just went from a few mathy chugs to like this melodic part and I'm just WTFing all over. WHATEVER it is, it fucking works because I enjoyed it lots. I think what adds a lot to this band is the bassist. I discovered that before I started reading the DUDE, AWESOME BASS LINE comments on their facebook. All in all, it's a solid demo. I just wish you guys get the fuck out of that place and play for a crowd that actually appreciates it instead of these D.C. wannabe assholes and yuppies. If you wish to be a fan of their facebook then do so and here's a link to their bandcamp. Here, have a BEAUTIFULLY constructed tumblr website too. Just kidding. Love you guys. <3 Listening to this demo almost makes up for getting the "oh I've gotta go to sleep now" treatment when I asked my friend if she wants to fuck. ._.

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