Sunday, February 20, 2011

Utopium - Conceptive Prescience (2010)


"Utopium is a death metal/grindcore/sludge band formed in 2007, in Lisbon, Portugal. They released their first demo in 2008 and their EP “Conceptive Prescience” in 2010, preparing now to release their debut album."

Just imagine the nail-biting sound of Napalm Death and Repulsion combined with the heavy as fuck sludge riffs provided by Eyehategod and that's essential the sound of Utopium. The funny thing about me listening to this album was that I was also watching a youtube video about having a sex change operation and this music was fitting in the background. Utopium are truly some twisted, fucked up grindcore fit for a grindking and queen.


  1. Glad to know that these guys are getting some recognition out there. They're amazing musicians and they put their heart and soul in every single gig. :)

    Cool blog, btw. Nice musical taste. :)

  2. Truly some one of a kind stuff. Combining that recognizable deathgrind sound with some sludge riffs makes for a wonderful listening experience. I'm glad to hear that they're just as good live.

    And thanks! A little diversity never killed anyone. :3

  3. They have made huge a statement in the Portuguse scene, it's the only sludgy grindcore band in here. Too bad that they're not performing live anymore, at least for now, since Rizzo (vocals)went to Scotland.

    Ahah, true. Keep up the good work! :D

  4. Ah really? I did not know that! Being Portugese, that always makes me proud haha. Do you know any of bands similar? All I really know is Social Infestation and A Warm Gun but that's about it.

    And will do!

  5. I'm quite proud of the Portuguese scene, it's developing into something big. The only sub genres that don't have many bands are grindcore/powerviolence, doom, sludge and stoner. Crust, on the other hand, has a lot of great bands. Simbiose, Deskarga Etilika, Motü, Vai-te Foder, and a bunch more. You can have a preview of these bands in here:
    Let me know if you liked any of these bands. :)

    Nice! You've gained a Portuguese fan. :D

  6. I have noticed there to be a lot of crust bands coming from around there, neocrust ones to say. I myself am Portugese so it feels like I'm going back to my roots haha. My mom's grandparents came straight from the boat to New Bedford, Massachusetts (predominately Portuguese town) so I have a lot of it in me. I'm up for whatever! Powerviolence, grindcore, doom, etc. Anything you've got I'll be happy to listen to.

    I don't want to sound generic or anything but I really liked all of those bands... You can really hear the Motorhead/Discharge influence in a lot of them. The d-beat is strong within these bands haha. Share some more with me! I'll be sure to check all of these bands out too (I'll be jacking them from the description below).

  7. That's amazing! You should visit Portugal soon, it's damn worth it. :D And then you'll be able to see some of these great bands live. :)

    Glad you've liked it! Here are some more, in other sub genres:
    Process of Guilt:
    Black Bombaim:
    Fast Eddie & The Riverside Monkeys:

    These are the ones that I've been listening the most. :)

  8. I do have my passport! No job, unfortunately. One day though, one day. :3 I can backpack across Europe with a bunch of squatters or something. That'd be neat.

    I'm up to my neck in bands to listen to but uh I've bookmarked all of these and I'll be sure to get around to listening to each one of them and the others you provided on that link and I'll let you know how it goes alright? :3


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