Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monobrow - Self Titled (2010)


"Monobrow was formed in Ottawa early 2009 when bassist Sam Beydoun and guitarist Paul Slater (formerly of Vancouver’s Sir Hedgehog) first jammed with drummer Brian Ahopelto of Acres fame. Sharing a common love for adventurous, underground heavy rock in its many guises, the group quickly built up an impressive repertoire of original songs over the next few months. Monobrow’s sound can be described as riff-based hard rock, with psychedelic flourishes, and a sense of jamming contained within strong songwriting."

So I was approached by Monobrow through an email who wanted me to check out there stuff. I was quite surprised at how well put-together their bandcamp was, the way they advertised their music, and just the amount of dedication put into spreading their music around and making it accessible for those who wanted to have a listen. What I love most abou Monobrow is surprisingly that they're an instrumental band. I'm almost glad that there aren't any vocals involved because it may have either made or broke the band. The kind of style that Monobrow adapts is a very psychedelic one drawing in both  psychedelic rock and stoner metal elements to their music. When you're listening to this album think Church of Misery meets moe. with a very subtle psychedelic undertone. The overall feel is a bluesy one and will have you pretending you're floating in space.

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