Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stormcrow - Enslaved In Darkness (2005)


"Stormcrow is crust punk metal band from Oakland, CA. U$A.What started as dreams of a few…became the gut wrenching nightmare of others. The western hordes had not seen witness to such stench since the horned rat roamed the west, many moons ago. Until the grotesque monuments of crust and debauchery were risen again. This plague consisting of 5 self loathing, destructive and awkward hellions, used their hatred and disgust for mankind to bring the world to its knees, so pretty things like trees or flowers may grow once more…Drink ye flaggons, smoke thy briars, They Are Coming!"

Blasting their way from Oakland, CA, Stormcrow are recognizably one of the heaviest and most aggressive bands in the crust scene to date. Comprising of Nate from the stoner punks of Brainoil, Stormcrow is no stranger to the crust scene. The members of Stormcrow summon up all their hate and humility into one jam packed 5-track EP entitled Enslaved In Darkness. Like the title says, this album provides some dark, nihilistic content that will have you pissed off at everyone and everything. There are some strong death metal influences within their style of crust. The vocals are very fucking heavy and growled to hell similar to Skaven and Sanctum. Enslaved In Darkness is without a doubt an essential album to have in your arsenal when you want to expose your ears to some relentless earth-shattering crust. 

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