Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oxiplegatz - Fairytales (1994)


"According to Alf Svensson (who also played in Oral and At the Gates): Music is really a minor priority to me these days, it’s not too often that I spend time with this hobby. But I haven’t given it up completely, Oxiplegatz still lives… I don’t care for music with a politic or religious message, just like my art I want the music to have a fantasy/sci-fi-theme. My lifelong passion for astronomy has led me to write lyrics about space. It is a great inspiration to watch the sky at night, just aim my telescope randomly out among the billions of stars in the galaxy and ponder the possibility of distant worlds, alive with the marvels of unknown civilizations.So far three Oxiplegatz-albums have been released, hopefully there will be a fourth before too long. I’m not sure it will be another sci-fi-album, perhaps more to the fantasy-genre. I will probably move another step away from metal, I don’t care much for this kind of music today, as there is vastly more talent and inspiration in the field of classical music. Most metal bands seem to follow certain patterns, where everyone wants to be just like the other, same sound(even record in the same studio as others), same kind of lyrics, same looks, same attitude etc - isn’t there anyone to think for themselves anymore?My music will never approve to the masses, I’m sure, but judging from the amount of e-mail I get with positive criticism, there are at least some freethinkers out there (my thanks to everyone who have bothered to contact me)."

I don't even know what the fuck to call this. It definitely has some black metal influence but it's also  progressive. There are some key industrial influences as well as very avant-garde at times. Unlike traditional black metal bands, Oxiplegatz focuses on space as being the lyrical choice, not traditional Scandinavian folklore and what not. This sounds like it took inspiration from those corny late 80's/early 90's space movies and then some. Just very strange and unusual stuff when it comes to the black metal scene. 

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