Monday, February 7, 2011

Dissent - By Any Means Necessary (2007)


"Dissent is a ripping crust band from Houston, Texas. They started in 2005 as an anarcho-punk band but with the addition of Ben they became more metal influenced. Now they play intense crust. In early 2008 they added a second guitarist, TJ. They’ve toured around the southwest, Califonria, and Mexico. ‘Apocalyptic War Noise’ Tour with N.I.B.I.R.U. happened August of 2009. During tour TJ left the band on good terms. 2010, they released their split with U.K. Crust legends, Hellbastard."

One of the newer bands to come out of the crust scene today, Dissent brings a crushing metallic sounding crust to the forefront that is all too familiar in Texas. Taking cues from bands like Instinct Of Survival, Extinction Of Mankind, and Hellbastard they really know how to please their fans. Fans of anything stenchcore related will find this album satisfy ing your crusty needs.

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