Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tafkata - Worker And Parasite (2008)


"Tafkata are a 5-piece doom metal/sludge band from Orange Country, California risen from the ashes of the grindcore outfit Enewetak. They later went on to form Seven Sisters Of Sleep."

If you have been checking out my uploads, you'll see that below I threw up Seven Sisters Of Sleep and I recently found this band Tafkata through them. I'm not really sure which band I actually like more so I decided to throw them both up! What I like about Tafkata that separates it from Seven Sisters Of Sleep is that they focus more on traditional stoner metal guitar riffs rather than just straight out long, drawn out sludge ones. Not to mention they've taking a lot of of their previous work, Enewetak, a grindcore band, and have incorporate a lot of it via vocals to make for a power packed album full of rich goodness. Fans of the stoner kind will definitely get a rise out of these guys. DOES THIS ALBUM COVER REMIND ANYONE ELSE OF DEATH - LEPROSY?!

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