Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Defecation - Purity Dilution (1989)


"Defecation is a death metal / grindcore side project formed by Righteous Pigs guitarist Mitch Harris and then Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris in 1987. They released their first album Purity Dilution in 1989. This was to be their only release for fourteen years, as Mitch joined Napalm Death the same year. The project was put on hiatus in 1991 when Mick left both bands to form Scorn. A second album Intention Surpassed) was recorded solely by Mitch and was released in 2003."

Defecation has definitely gone un noticed in the early grindcore scene and I'm here to bring them back and revive their name! Being associated with such acts as Righteous Pigs, Napalm Death, and Scorn, Defecation have easily made a name for themselves. Defecation brings that familiar as fuck early mix of death metal and grindcore that's pretty distinguishable than most grindcore bands nowadays. I really like their 1989 release, Purity Diltuion over their 2003 entitled Intention Surpassed. Nothing can and will ever beat that raw deathgrind sound released back then. Fans of early grindcore will get a kick out of this album.

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